Frequently asked questions

*Covid-19 update: For the safety of our customers  and crew we are making a few changes, but nothing major. 

•we no longer keep blankets and pillows on the vessel for customers. Some people would lay down stairs on the bunks and catch a few zzz's before and/or after fishing, sometimes  they are just a little  seasick. For convenience  and comfort we use to keep blankets  and pillows on the boat. All though we regularly  would wash and sanitize them for our customers  as frequently as possible. We do not want to take the chance of having anything left behind from previous  customers on these soft fabrics. So personal large towels, blankets and pillows must be brought by each customer  if they feel they may want to bring them. We also try to keep a stock of hand towels and paper towels on the boat for our customers to keep their hands clean and dry during fishing.  (These hand towels are disposed of after each trip and are not reused.)

•While we already clean the boat in-between  trips. (Cleaning back deck, removing  any trash left behind, making sure customers  don't forget  anything, etc) To insure our customers  have a fresh  clean boat to take their trip on, We have also added a sanitizing step to this process. We wipe down everything inside with  disinfectant as well as the outside which also gets a good scrubbing with bleach. 

•We continue  to keep hand sanitizer  on the boat for our crew as well as our customers.

•Mask and gloves are not mandatory  for our vessel. But our customers  are more then welcome to wear them if they wish.

• We ask all of our customers if you are feeling under the weather, and have symptoms  of a cold or flu, please stay home and rest. Health and safety are important to us for our customers as well  as our crew.

~Do I have to buy a fishing license?

*No, The Golden Legacy has a charter boat license which covers all passengers for fishing.

~Do I need to bring fishing gear?

*No, all fishing rods, dead bait, ice, and tackle are provided. 

*Live bait is not included in the price of your trip but maybe purchased by customer at bait barge/boat on your departure. Upon request the Captain will ride to the barge/bait boat during the beginning of your trip. Live bait is usually  only used during Red Snapper season. 

~What should I bring?

*Bring a well stocked cooler of your favorite snacks and drinks.

*You may also want to bring a second cooler (leave at the dock) to put your catch in upon your return.

*Please wear "Non-skid" shoes for your safety.

*Gratuity for the crew. Our crew is experienced and work hard to make sure you have a fun memorable trip, and they make sure you and your party is happy,  "tips are appreciated" Customary gratuity for the crew is 15%- 20%. 

* Other helpful items include but not limited to....Hats, Polarized sunglasses, sun screen, Towels, (a poncho if the weather call for rain) and your camera's. Watch the weather and dress appropriately for your trip. A light jacket for early morning departure and late evening returns is a good idea.

~Are there any additional cost/ fees?

* Additional cost/fees if applicable are : 

° A $200.00 equipment replacement fee if rod and reel are lost over board payment will be due at the end of your trip.

°A $200.00 clean up fee if anyone get sick inside cabin. Payment will be due at the end of your trip.

{If you would like your fish processed by our Marina's seafood market, average cost is  .75© per pound, but prices are subject to change. The seafood market is a completely separate cost from your trip and is not included in your trips cost}  

~ Is alcohol allowed on the boat?

*Yes, we want our customers to relax have fun and enjoy themselves while fishing, however, you must bring your own alcohol, And we do ask that you drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

 ~ What happens to my fish at the end of the trip?

* Usually we set the fish up on the dock for photos, after that you can have your fish loaded up in your cooler to take home or have them taken to our Marina's fish market for processing. Your fish must be picked up within 3 days of drop off.

Also see our short video below.

~ Is there a age limit?

* No, all are welcome. 

~What kind of fish will we catch and how much are we allowed to keep?

*This will depend on the season,  the limit per-person, and the length of your trip.

*Types of fish we have the opportunity to catch in our beautiful waters include (but not limited to):

Trolling trips: King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo,Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Bonita,  etc.

Bottom fishing: Vermillion Snapper, White Snapper, Lane Snapper, Black Snapper, Trigger fish, Red  Grouper,and Black Grouper, etc, The crew also gives the opportunity to troll on your way out and in so you still get the chance to catch King and Spanish Mackerel, Bonita, Wahoo, Black fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, etc

Red Snapper season will be OPEN for us June 1st- August 24th

Gag grouper will be open sept 1st.

We would recommend a minimum of a 8-10 hours for Grouper Trips. 

Shark/Night trips: Mako, Bull sharks, Tiger Sharks, Altantic Sharks, Hammer Head Sharks, etc

~What kind of trips do you offer?

*Our trips range from:

4 hour trolling trips. 

Bottom trips range from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 hours and can go up to 2 days adventurous fisherman.

Shark/bottom fishing trips are 5 hours

~ How many people can we bring?

*The Golden Legacy is a 6 pack vessel, which mean she can hold 6 passengers, plus the captain and crew member. If you happen to have over 6 passengers, we also work with another vessel at our marina,  who we can do a "rod to rod challenge" We can split the group onto the two vessels and see who comes in with more fish or the biggest fish. With this you will be completely booking both boats and regular rates will apply for each individual vessel.  This does not include crew gratuity. Call for details on availability. 

~ What if someone in my party has a disability?

* If someone in your party has a disability or may need special attention please let us know while booking your trip. We love the water and fishing and we would love to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy  it themselves too, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

~Do you require a deposit and What is your refund policy?

*Deposit​s, ( a valid credit card, sorry no checks) will be required upon booking the trip to hold the time and date. (Details below)

*Full payment will be due prior to vessel's departure.

*If there is a "no-show" full payment of trip will be charged. Due to lost of trip.

* If trip is cancelled within 24 hours of departure without extenuating  circumstances (50% of total cost of trip) will be charged for booking fee. (Due to lost of  expenses"fuel,bait, ice, tackle, and lack of time for rebooking for designated time slot)

*If Captain determines it is not safe to go out due to rough weather a rebooking or a full refund  will be made if already paid in advance.

*If vessel cannot depart due to unforeseen machanical issues a rebooking or a full refund will be made.

*If you do not want to cancel a trip but would like to reschedule please contact us as soon as possible to check availabile times and dates.

* If your party is running late the day of departure please contact us as soon as possible.

Note:  Our Crew works hard to make sure you are happy.  If the trip is canceled by the captain do to weather or mechanical issues,  we will not leave you hanging.  We will first try to reschedule your trip with us on the next available opening if this is not an option...  We go to plan B...  Which is....we will try our best to find you another boat that has an opening that we trust to take you fishing.  We've been around and know a multitude of other Captains/boats to contact so you don't have to. We do not give your credit card information to anyone,  we will simply try to find you another boat and either give you their contact information or give them your contact information (name,  phone number) 

~How do you accept payments for trips?

*We accept all major credit cards as well as cash, while booking a trip you will be asked​ for a valid credit or debit card number to hold the designated time and date, if paying with a credit/debit card just bring it with you to process before vessel's departure, if you would like to pay it with cash we will still need a vaild card number to hold on file to hold the time and date until full payment is made the day of departure,if you would rather pay a deposit in cash instead of putting a card on file we will set up an appointment time at the earliest convenience of both parties to meet at the Marina where the vessel is docked, to accept cash in person ( please do not send cash through the mail) If you pay with a card you will receive a  receipt of your choosing, options are have it  e-mailed or texted to you for your own records. Depending on what you would prefer. If paying cash you can have a written receipt upon request.

~What information do you need while booking a trip?

* You will be asked for your, (name,  email address, mailing address  phone number, the amount of passengers in your party, and how many hours you would like your trip to be, and a valid card number to hold on file for your trip.) Your information is private and will only  be use for purposes of a contact and for booking your trip. Card information on file will be destroyed upon full payment at the end of your trip. 

What happens to my fish?

Here's a short video showing what happens to your fish at the end of your trip.

There is no video clip yet

There is no video clip yet

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We do have some openings in October, plz call or text me for details. 850-303-5938.

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I am looking to go deep sea fishing Oct. 1. Do you have anything available?

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We do have September 23th open, if you would like to go over pricing and times please give me a call or text at 1-850-303-5938

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looking for a 6 hour trip with a lot of fun. 3/5 people, september 23rd. any information would be appreciated.

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